Saturday, 9 July 2011


dear reader,

most welcome to my blog. i've never had a blog before. i have, however, read quite a few so hoping to get the hang of it soon. for those who are wondering, swediporean is my new word - a mix between 'swedish' and 'singaporean'. i think it's very clever.

so.. now i'm here, in singapore. not much has happened since i left europe almost a week ago. flew out on monday evening, landed around 6 pm on tuesday. took a taxi to my lovely hotel and went to bed. the weird thing is, when i fly short haul, i always fall asleep straight away and quite often manage to sleep the whole flight through. when i fly long haul on the other hand, i find it really hard to sleep, hence the tiredness when i arrived.

the wednesday i went to look at some apartments with an estate agent i'd been in contact with before leaving. she showed me four apartments, all of them really nice. the only problem seems to be to get a short term lease that matches my budget. accomodation in singapore is extremely expensive and there doesn't seem to be something inbetween really tacky and luxurious. i'm not that keen on living in a really tacky apartment, but i don't know how to afford a luxury apartment.. you see my dilemma..

anyway, have managed to involve another agency and will have more viewings tomorrow. hopefully, it'll all be sorted by the time i'm due to leave the hotel on tuesday (but not to worry, i think i will be able to extend my stay if not). i have, of course, done some other things than just apartment hunting, like having a swim in the hotel pool, reading, watching grey's and private practice, stopping by at the office to say hello, having lunch with elyne, or accountant here in singapore, and exploring the city (i.e. walking around getting lost). it's just that the whole apartment thing takes up quite a lot of my thoughts.

blabidibla.. saturday evening and i'm going out for dinner, on my own unfortunately. no new friends yet. must admit i'm no big fan of dining on my own, but think it might be a good experience in some weird way.

take care,

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