Wednesday, 27 July 2011

the office

even though i am the only freedman person in singapore at the moment, i have the pleasure of being around people anyway, sharing office with an agency. as a plus, not only are the people nice, so is the office. but on the other hand, who would have expected anything less of jackie chan?

anyway, thought i'd put up some pictures for you to judge for yourselves.

the entrance


pool table

view from reception

- my desk on the left

cosy sofa corner

sex sign

- only because i don't want you to worry about what kind of office environment i'm working in
(or even worse, start questionning what it is i am actually doing here), i can reveal
that these letters come from a campaign called soccer ex. at least, that's what they are telling me...


  1. Skönt å höra att du trivs :) å kul med bilder.
    men den där SEX förklaringen.... ;)

  2. Haha ja, kanske får fördjupa mig i det här och se vad det egentligen handlar om..

    Verkar som ni har det bra också och att ett grattis är på sin plats. =)