Sunday, 24 July 2011

mixed feelings

this weekend, my thoughts have been with norway and all the people who, in one way or another, have been affected by this awful tragedy. i can't even imagine what they have been going through - the horror, the fear and the grief. it makes me scared just to think about it. but the fact that no one could predict it and that so many innocent people were killed and injured makes me even more scared - we can never, ever be safe anywhere.

after this, it feels wrong saying that i had a very nice weekend. but i did.

on friday, i felt a bit lonely and homesick. the whole internet saga hanging over me didn't make things better (i.e. rubbish connection. normal surfing is a challenge, streaming tv and, god forbid, skype - big no no's). just wanted to give up and go home to good old europe.

then richard, one of the guys from the agency where i'm sitting, asked if i wanted to come out for drinks with him and his friends. yes please! a friday without friday drinks can barely count as a friday.. a second later, the phone rang. it was ryan, who used to be 'freedman singapore'. she was back in town, asking if i wanted to meet up.

just like that, i felt so much better.

friday night was a really nice night out. richard's friends were all very friendly. we drank martinis, danced and chatted. didn't get home until four o'clock in the morning and had by then been invited to come along for lunch and a girls' night out.

both yesterday and today have been very chilled out days. yesterday, i went to the beach on sentosa island. it is a kind of artificial island. the beaches are man made - nonetheless very nice - and there are lots of attractions; e.g. rollercoasters and things like indoors skydiving. i just went for the beach. today, i had a lie-in and then went down to the swimming pool with a good book.

all in all, a very nice and relaxing weekend. here's a picture of my view on the beach.

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