Sunday, 10 July 2011

hmm.. interesting..

went out for dinner last night. around my hotel there are a lot of restaurants and pubs, most of them foreign, like australian, belgian, italian, just plain european (whatever that is supposed to mean) and so on. i don't really like to be the kind of tourist that goes to the other side of the world only to end up at the same kind of restaurant as i would normally do at home. so i made an effort and after some walking around, i found a japanese restaurant.

'do you have a table for one, please?'

sat down and while looking at the menu, i got some nibbles (cabbage and a redish sauce). after 20 minutes, i still hadn't found anything that sounded the slightest bit nice or i even recognised at all - they were serving things like 'garlic turned with chicken skin', 'pregnant fish', 'salmon belly'.. well, you get the point.

so what should i do? i left. and guess where i ended up? hannibal - european pizza & grill, having a lasagna..


  1. Pregnant fish.. Tänker mig en stor fisk med en liten fisk i magen, men egentligen borde det ju vara en fisk med massa rom?

    Är det ok om man kommenterar på svenska eller vill du hellre ha det på engelska?


  2. Det är helt okej att kommentera på svenska, om det nu inte är så att du gärna vill använda din MVG-engelska? ;)

    Precis så tänkte jag också med fisken. Eller det kan ju vara så att det är en liten fisk som de har typ opererat in i en stor fisk.. I vilket fall låter det inte alls aptitligt.

    Kram kram

  3. Jisses vilken meny, tuuuur att jag inte var med!!
    Kram på dig!

  4. Snygg blogg!! Kul att läsa också såklart :) Håll oss uppdaterade. P o K