Tuesday, 27 November 2012

probably the most clever person in the world..

about a month ago, the uk announced they were out of the recession. as happy as that made me, i still feared the pound would get stronger and the exchange rate drop so that my singapore dollars would be worth less when the time came for me to go back.

luckily, just a couple of days before this declaration, i had completed the registration for a money transferring service. in panic and of course without looking further into facts and figures, i went in to check the development of the exchange rate. to my despair, it turned out the pound was getting stronger against the singapore dollar. despite very rarely being an impulsive person, i quickly made the decision to take action and order a transfer straight away.

i changed my money on thursday the 1st november at 11am.

now, nearly a month later, i can almost laugh at the outcome of my sudden impulsivity. i guess a career in the currency exchange business would not really be my thing..

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