Thursday, 29 November 2012

the end of the world?

it's rainy season. again. just like this time last year. i had just forgotten how much it actually rains. there is not a day that goes by without at least one massive rain. the other week, we had another of the end of the world moments.

 this is how it looked at 4.20 in the afternoon.. and just so you know, the sun doesn't set until 7pm (this is with an instagram filter so it wasn't quite as bad, but still pretty bad..)

 without filter..

after a while my house seemed to be in the middle of the storm. the thunder was constant and the lightning so frequent it was almost like a disco light. i'm normally not afraid of the thunder, but this was scary and of course i had to make a video.

don't miss the last 20 seconds!

and this is what it looked liked after the storm had cleared, around 6pm..

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