Wednesday, 17 October 2012

bridget jones?

think i might be turning in to bridget jones. there are a few reasons..

1. my work phone doesn't display if there are any messages so a couple of times a day i pick up the phone to check. 99 times out of 100 i get the same answer: 'you have no new messages'

2. a couple of weeks ago i went to thailand over the weekend. the week after i got an email from my boss. he was worried and had pictured me in a thai jail, him having to come and post bail. unfortunately, he's no mark darcy (and i didn't end up in jail either, just for the record)

3. on the flight to thailand i had made myself comfortable with my silly, pass the time book called 'the perfect man' when a group of guys got on the plane. and of course they had the seats next to mine.. pretty embarrassing when one of the guys asked what i was reading. felt a bit like a bridget jones moment

4. nothing new, but i do love a good rom com

luckily, i have yet to sit at home alone in my pjs, singing along to 'all by myself', getting stupid drunk on absolut vodka. might change though as takenori left me a bottle when he went back to new york and i still haven't drunk it.


  1. Probably best not to write, "unfortunately he's no Mark Darcy". In case he reads it

  2. and an additional reason:

    5. i write a blog post, saying my boss is no mark darcy. against all odds, he ends up reading it..