Thursday, 8 September 2011

30. 30..? 30??!!!

omg, the day has come! and strangely enough passed without any noticeable difference..

anyway, had a lovely day! first, i went to my friend clara's place. she lives in a very fancy condo with a massive swimming pool and barbeque pits. we had lots of nice food and drinks and swam in the pool and jacuzzi. afterwards, i went home to skype with my lovely family. it was of course my brother's birthday too so they were all together at the country house, celebrating. one of the homesick moments, i must admit. but.. the night was still young. after some drinks at lucia's house, we headed out to a very nice club on clarke quay.

incredibly happy about all the lovely birthday wishes from my amazing family and friends! my parents even set the alarm at 2 o'clock in the morning to be able to call me and wake me up with their lovely singing. probably shouldn't mention that i had the phone on silent and didn't wake up? bad daughter. also grateful to have met so many nice people here, who got together to celebrate and make the big three ooo day a happy day.

here are a few pictures. more will follow shortly, just not a very good paparazzi so waiting for the girls to share their pictures with me.


  1. Låter och ser ut som du hade en riktigt bra födelsedag!!
    Kram kram

  2. Hey Elin, glad to see you are still partying even in your old age !

    Miss you