Tuesday, 12 June 2012


i have this theory that the closer you get to something, the stronger you feel about it. like the closer you get to your sky dive, the more terrified (or some crazy people would say excited) you get, the closer you get to your job interview or client presentation, the more nervous you get, and so on.

it's the same with things you long for and look forward to.

the closer i get to friday, the more i long for it to come. because friday is the day when i fly back to europe for over five weeks - a bit of holiday, a bit of training and a (bigger) bit of work. can't wait!

been away for quite a while now so felt i needed what we call a "mjukstart" in sweden:

 started a couple of weeks ago with swedish meetballs

 kopparbergs cider to celebrate the swedish national day 6th june (note the blue and yellow)

rekorderlig cider at the beerfest