Tuesday, 12 June 2012

how to turn a simple matter into something complicated..

some things in life are just plain and simple. no matter how much you try, you just can't make them complicated. at least that's what i used to think before i moved to singapore. despite the simplest simplicity, the singaporeans seem to have invented a way of turning simple matters into something complicated.

for example. last weekend, there was a beerfest here in singapore and fatima and i decided to go. when we got there, we did of course join the queue to pay the entrance fee. once that was done we were allowed to proceed.. to the next queue where this guy tore our tickets.. before we could proceed to the next guy who gave us our festival wristbands. he also told us where to go to buy beer tokens as we couldn't pay by cash inside the festival area. so that was four transactions replacing one. what is that saying again? more is less??

after stocking up on beer tokens, we then went to get our one "complimentary" drink (i say "complimentary" as it was included in the very humble entrance fee of SGD43). but.. at the first stall we encountered some problems. it turned out you could only get these drinks at a special stall. after some walking around, we managed to locate the stall and once there, fatima wanted one of the portuguese beers. i wanted a swedish pear cider. but.. the portuguese beer was not included in the "complimentary" drinks, nor was the swedish pear cider. the apple cider of the same brand and same price was included though..

et voila, simple turns into complicated!

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