Monday, 26 March 2012

say hello to my little friend..

everyone who knows me also knows that i am not very fond of animals and don't really see the point in having a pet. i am also ridiculously afraid wasps and don't like bugs in general. with that in mind, i guess you understand why i am not at all pleased that a little cockroach has managed to find his way into my apartment..

i first met him about three weeks ago. he just walked in under my door one late night. some stomping made him realise he was on the wrong track. a couple of days later, i found him walking around close to my new chest of drawers, i.e. about two, three metres into the apartment. the broom told him off, just a little bit more harshly than i had done the previous time. obviously not harshly enough though as yesterday, when i got back from japan, i found him walking around in the apartment again. this time exploring my shoe shelf. when i stomped and went to get the broom, he hid under the sink. i managed to get him out again, but it feels like he is getting a little bit braver and more established for each time.

sooo.. right, i thought. time to get this little fellow to understand this apartment is not his home! i went to the supermarket, which i am sure you can imagine, is a paradise if you're looking for this kind of things. this is what i found:
might be a little bit ott for only one little cockroach, but i think it's better to put my foot down straight away before he tells his massive friends to join him. i've seen them around and wouldn't want to meet any of them in a dark alley. or anywhere else for that matter. so now i am waiting to see what will happen next. stay tuned for more updates.


  1. hahaha...smällar man får ta när man bor i värmen! ;)

  2. :) lycka till! Kanske skrämde du iväg honom bara genom att inhandla så hemska saker ;)

  3. hahahah have you ever watched the movie 'Joe's appartment' ?!

  4. Or Naked Lunch? A film mabout a pest control guy who starts hallucinating because of repeat exposure to DDT...

  5. not watching any of those films, girls! i'll try to stay sane(ish) for a bit longer..