Monday, 17 October 2011

australia so far..

after a hectic week, it was finally time for my australia trip and a two week holiday!! i left late on friday night and landed in melbourne at 10.45am on the saturday. perfect time.

had a really good flight, managed to get a window exit seat - not just an exit row, but no one in front of me so could stretch my legs as much as i wanted and didn't even have to climb over people to get to the toilet. there was only one downside, the other exit seats are often dedicated to families with young children, which means i was surrounded by screaming children. still kind of worth it though.

amie and arnold met me at the airport and we went back to their apartment. after some rest, the lovelies had a surprise for me and arnold's aunt, who was here visiting as well - a tour around melbourne with a colonial tram, perfect activity for the first day in a new city! not only was it a sightseeing tour, it was also a restaurant and we had some really nice food.

afterwards, we went to the casino, where amie and i managed to double our bets on the roulette table. great start of the holiday! unfortunately, our bets weren't that high, but it's still kind of a nice feeling. i normally only stop when i don't have any money left, so quite proud of myself.
yesterday, amie and had a wander around the neighbourhood and then we cooked some food - an amazing spagetti bolognese with salad! the type of food you don't really get (an i am too lazy to cook) in singapore. today, i had a great, chilled out day not doing anything really. slept, met amie and arnold for lunch, went to starbucks for a chai latte, reading my book in the sun. later, i moved to a square to continue reading my book in the sun. aaaaaaah, relaxing holiday!

the weather here is lovely spring weather. a little bit chilly, but it's nice to want to sit in the sun rather than trying to avoid it, which is not really my style - i love the sun. apparently the temperature will reach 28 degrees on wednesday so guess who will be heading to the beach..


  1. Tur för dig att ingen mamma med barn ville ha din sittplats. Nu kan du faktiskt köpa en godis också eftersom du hade vinsten kvar efter kasinot. Om man bor i Singapore borde man vara trött på all sol, tror vi som inte bor där.
    Hälsa A och A och njut av din vistelse i A.
    Kram till er alla.

  2. great to hear from oz! give amie a big hug from me and arnold a slightly smaller one ;-)

    chilly!? london is freezing! although it is sunny it has been necessary to find the winter jacket and boots.... bbrrrrrr!

    take care of yourself. knuser fra mig!