Tuesday, 2 August 2011

with great risks come great rewards

ok, that might be slightly exaggerated, but when last weekend was fast approaching and my only plan was to paint my toenails, i thought it might be time to make a serious effort to meet some people. so i stepped out of my comfort zone.

i had been invited to a facebook group for expat girls here in singapore. one of the girls posted a note about friday drinks and i decided to go. pretty strange feeling to walk into a bar looking for some girls that i didn't know what they looked like. luckily, i found them without too much trouble. for a group of about 135 members, the attendance was quite low - only three of us showed up. still a nice evening though.

on the saturday, after completing the weekend mission (very nice purple colour by the way), i had gotten a taste for this whole socialising business and posted a note on an expat community site (internations) forum to see if there were any like minded people out there somewhere. i'm thrilled to see a lot of people reply and i am now finally starting to build a social life here. met up with some really nice people on both sunday and monday, have a ladies night tomorrow and all of a sudden i am organising friday drinks this friday. nice.

so what's the conclusion of this? well, as i see it - there is no point staying in your comfort zone if it's boring and lonely.


  1. Börjar ju bli ordning på dig kära svägerska! Få inte för dig att stanna där bara, vi vill allt ha hem dig igen!

  2. You go girl! :)Glad to hear it!

  3. i keep my fingers crossed for lots of nice and exciting contacts and nights out for you


  4. Just watch out you don't accidentally rock up to a swingers party! ;-P