Wednesday, 10 August 2011

observations - food and drinks edition

i have made some food and drinks observations lately. for example, compared to europe, things here are quite unproportionally priced. so in order of importance:
  • alcohol is very expensive - around s$16 for a beer
  • sometimes i could kill for a chewing gum (comparing the penalty for murder with the one for getting caught smuggling chewing gums, it might be worth taking the risk to smuggle a few after all)
  • you're not allowed to eat or drink anything, even water, on the mrt (tube). if you do, you get fined s$500. i wonder how much you would get fined if getting caught eating a chewing gum on the mrt..
  • if someone asks you something while ordering food, you should not just smile and nod if you don't understand (especially not when realising afterwards that the question was: 'you want chilli, right?')
  • i've found läkerol! in almost every shop..
  • chicken rice is really cheap - between s$2.50 and s$4 - while western food is significantly more expensive - $11 for a tuna salad
  • wednesdays are ladies' nights in lots of bars, which means you only have to pay a cover charge (e.g. s$20) and get free drinks all night or up until a certain time
  • you can get all sorts of fresh fruit juice for s$2
  • chinese sausage is weird, but quite nice (much nicer when a bit drunk though)
  • the singaporeans don't seem to like the food in the swedish shop at ikea. turns out to be very favourable for those (i.e. me) who like it as you can get lots of things on a discount
  • cigarettes are expensive too (i know, not food or a drink, but at least something you consume) - s$12 for a packet
* s$10 is about £5 or 50 kronor

as you can see, you can also be fined for just about anything. the other day i heard someone say that singapore is a fine country. kind of typical göteborg humour. i like it a lot.

these observations leed me to the conclusion that you should (not smoke at all) only drink on wednesdays and only eat chicken rice, but not on the mrt.

this is what chicken rice can look like (if you're lucky)


  1. good blog entry - always good to know about the consumables!!

    not sure i can visit now that the alcohol is that expensive though..... ;-)


  2. kom inte på nåt roligt att skriva, men vill ändå säga att du skriver väldigt bra och underhållande :-)
    Puss på dig!!