Saturday, 3 December 2011


despite the chinese characters in the title, i have of course not learned any chinese while being here. the only things i can say so far are 'hello' and 'thank you'. i use it quite frequently though. like every time i go buy my fruit juice from the nice little chinese man at the hawker centre. considering that everyone here speaks english (or at least singlish, which i am gradually starting to understand), i haven't had that much use of it though.

buuuuuuuuut.. next week on the other hand, it will be much more useful as i am going to shanghai!
it's my first time in china and also my first real business trip so i am of course very excited. not only about going on a business trip, but about the whole going to china thing. i hope i will have time for some other things than just work too. will stay from sunday to sunday so should be alright.

main things planned are to see my colleague as well as some of our clients.
won't be able to fill a whole week with meetings so will also work a bit from the shanghai office. after spending all this time as the only freedman person in the office here, i am really looking forward to sitting in the same office as someone else, just being able to shitchat about simple things like work or rant about someone that we both know (i.e. hate).

i also meant to do some research about things to do in shanghai, but the last couple of weeks have been hectic and i haven't really had the energy when i had the time and vice versa. now when i do have both time and energy, i'm spending it writing a blog post. sometimes i wonder how i prioritise. well, i have all day tomorrow too..

anyway, all tips on things i shouln't miss out on while in shanghai are most welcome.

i'll finish off with a funny photo from
starbucks in australia. apparently, they are not very used to people called elin (like every other country besides the scandinavian countries..).

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